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FoozlePro’s mission is to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to tell their stories both locally and globally.


We are committed to helping you capture lasting legacies through video and photography. Simply put, we tell your story and connect you with your people.

Meet the Team


Cross-cultural perspective is vital to Nicholas's work.  He is fueled by capturing the positive impacts and global conscientiousness among communities and individuals that he works with.

His collaborations focus on the creation of relationships, as well as showing how individuals or communities can change or use conventional methods in an innovative way to support the local or global community. 


An avid videographer since childhood, Theo’s experiences have inspired him to focus on helping people turn their ideas into an all-encompassing visual everyone can enjoy.


Theo bridges the gap between art and technological storytelling and is an editor, as well as a graphic and visual artist, with FoozlePro.

Theo's current passion lies in a new field of sports videography allowing him to marry his videography skills with his passion for sports!

Paul Bindel
Bindel_Paul square.jpg

Paul Bindel is the digital marketing strategist at Doghead Creative, which specializes in creative content production, social media management and ad management.


Paul is a frequent collaborator with Foozle Pro, where he serves as a video producer and content director. He seeks to build out new economy solutions for freelancers and small independent businesses such as cooperatives and digital commons.

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